Dr. Horn Labs


Dr. Horn Labs takes a scientific approach and a holistic view of well-being. From this drive, we have created unique cosmetic care products and fragrance compositions.

Our cosmetic product line for face and body care has been created with the utmost care with the aim of meeting the individual needs of different skin types. From nourishing plant oils to caffeine and bakuchiol through to ginkgo and vitamin E, plants are the inspiration here with their diverse ingredients. Thereby, the strengthening of the natural radiance is of special interest. Experience the evolution of skincare with Dr. Horn Labs’ oils, serums, boosters, hand creams and shower gels. Your skincare routine will never be the same again – welcome to a new era of face and body care driven by dedication and innovation.

For your well-being, we have created fragrance combinations from natural plant essential oils, taking into account, above all, the effects they produce in humans. Because there are countless known internal and external applications of medicinal drugs that contain essential oils. In addition to physical effects, essential oils also have psychological effects, as shown by the numerous applications e.g., in the field of aromatherapy. This knowledge gave rise to the fragrance compositions of Dr. Horn Labs, which unfold note by note their very own effect on our emotions and awaken memories and desires.

Skincare & Home Scents


We are ushering in a new era of skin care with our revolutionary cosmetics line.
Our vegan facial cosmetics line is based on highly potent natural, plant-based ingredients and comes without mineral oils, silicones, PEGs and animal ingredients or experiments on them.
Dr. Horn Labs’ oils, serums and boosters are focused on optimizing skin health by providing essential nutrients and supporting skin regeneration. In our anti-aging products, specific anti-aging ingredients provide non-invasive skin smoothing that preserves natural facial expressions.
Our Hand Cream and Hand and Body Wash products from the “Revitalize & Regenerate” and “Revive & Restore” lines contain exceptional blends of natural plant essential oils developed at Dr. Horn Labs as their fragrance base.

Home Scents

The scent of our candles, room diffusers, room and pillow sprays comes exclusively from natural plant essential oils obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing. Essential oils are known for their diverse effects on the body and psyche. They have been used by people for thousands of years to improve well-being, for body care and to pamper themselves.
We also use the purest soy wax (naturally vegan) and Oeko-Tex® Standard cotton wicks made in Germany for our scented candles.