Dr. Horn Labs


To get an idea of Dr. Horn Labs, it is best to imagine a chemical laboratory with all the apparatus and glass vessels. Here, distilled essential oils are separated from the aqueous components in separating funnels. This is where essential oils are analytically tested for their composition and quality standards are set. This is where the symbiosis of science and the passion for fragrances was and is born.

As a pharmacist, Konrad Horn is only too familiar with this laboratory environment, having spent his entire professional life here and conducting research. The symbiosis of his passion for the ingredients of plants and the no less great passion for the fragrances they are capable of producing was the basis from which Dr. Horn Labs was born.

The pharmacist is not only interested in the chemical nature of plant ingredients, but also in the effects they have on humans. Thus, countless internal and external applications of medicinal drugs containing essential oils are known. In addition to physical effects, essential oils also have psychological effects, as shown by the numerous applications, e.g., in the field of aromatherapy.

The fragrance compositions of Dr. Horn Labs and their various forms of application were developed from this knowledge. Be it the stylish apothecary bottle used for the diffuser, a scented candle or the bath salts, all products unfold note by note their very own effect on our emotions, awakening memories and aspirations.


At Dr. Horn Labs, we are committed to nature. Chemical synthetic ingredients are out of the question for us. We have paid special attention to the selection of essential oils and the composition of our fragrance creations. The harmony of the individual components, their interaction in the sense of strengthening or softening odor nuances had the highest priority in the development of our fragrance series. The result is unique compositions that can be enjoyed as candles, room or pillow sprays, diffusers or bath salts, depending on your own preference.