Dr Horn Labs Candle

Palo Santo ’64


Product contains: 150 g

25,27  / 100 g

The opposite of “completely detached” is the effect of this fragrance. The velvety-balsamic woody scent of Palo Santo essential oil grounds you and clears the mind. At the same time, the oriental frankincense oil provides a feeling of security and tranquility, which is reinforced by the oil of cedar wood and supplemented by a mood-lifting component.

Notes: warm, sweet-balsamic, woody, resinous

For our candles we use the purest soy wax, which is produced by the process of so-called hydrogenation from soybean oil. Soybean oil itself is known to be obtained from the soybean. Thus, soy wax comes from a renewable plant raw material and is therefore vegan by nature and also 100 % biodegradable. Our scented candles are burned with a cotton wick manufactured in Germany Öko-Tex® Standard. The noble amber glass jar with lid, in which our scented candles are poured, just invites to be reused after burning the candle.

150g / NET WET 5.3 OZ – approx. 36 h burn time

Handgefertigte Pappgeschenkdose aus feinstem Papier