Dr Horn Labs Essential Oil Green Lavender

Green Lavender Fragrance Stone


Product contains: 10 ml

39,00  / 10 ml

Fragrance stones as carriers for the fragrance compositions of Dr. Horn Labs.

The fragrance stones are handmade in our labs in Berlin from a special clay that optimally absorbs the essential oils. The fine pores of the clay release the fragrance compositions over a period of days and ensure the desired effect is achieved, such as stimulating, concentration-enhancing or calming.

The production by hand makes each of our fragrance stones unique. Due to their size and weight, the fragrance stones are ideal for smaller rooms, closets, for the car, during travel or on the nightstand. We offer the fragrance stones in two variants: Fragrance stones for hanging (perforated with black band) and fragrance stones for laying down (one-sided with felt gliders).

Additionally included:
10ml Essential Oil Blend Green Lavender

The harmony of lavender and bergamot is due to chemistry: the essential oils of the two such different plants have a whole range of identical ingredients that perfectly complement each other in their calming and sleep-inducing effects. For an extra dose of balancing effect, we added the spicy-balsamic juniper oil to create the perfect blend for falling asleep.

Notes: green-fruity, tart, floral, spicy, balsamic

Content: 10ml / 0,3fl oz

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