Palo Santo ’64 Set


Product contains: 200 ml

32,45  / 100 ml

The opposite of “completely detached” is the effect of this fragrance. The velvety-balsamic woody scent of Palo Santo essential oil grounds you and clears the mind. At the same time, the oriental frankincense oil provides a feeling of security and tranquility, which is reinforced by the oil of cedar wood and supplemented by a mood-lifting component.

Notes: warm, sweet-balsamic, woody, resinous

A very special way to enjoy our fragrance creations are our diffusers. They provide by slow evaporation of the alcohol and the dissolved 100% natural essential oils over the rattan sticks evenly and over a longer time for pleasant smells.

The diffuser set consists of an unfilled 50 ml apothecary bottle, a 200 ml refill bottle with the respective fragrance blend, five rattan sticks and a handmade black cardboard gift box made of the finest Italian linen textured paper.

Enough for 3-6 months pleasant room scenting.

Content: 200ml / 6,8fl oz