Sweet Bergamot Set


Product contains: 200 ml

32,45  / 100 ml

“Hello sunshine” this fragrance seems to call out, driving away even the last gray cloud in the sky. This effect is carried by the combination of orange and bergamot essential oils. At the same time, the mysterious balsamic-sweet amber lets you dive deep into sensuality and the relaxing lavender oil brings you to rest.

Notes: balsamic-sweet, fruity, floral

A very special way to enjoy our fragrance creations are our diffusers. They provide by slow evaporation of the alcohol and the dissolved 100% natural essential oils over the rattan sticks evenly and over a longer time for pleasant smells.

The diffuser set consists of an unfilled 50 ml apothecary bottle, a 200 ml refill bottle with the respective fragrance blend, five rattan sticks and a handmade black cardboard gift box made of the finest Italian linen textured paper.

Enough for 3-6 months pleasant room scenting.

Content: 200ml / 6,8fl oz