White Jade Gua Sha

White Jade Gua Sha



The Gua Sha technique improves blood circulation in the skin, which can help to make the skin look healthier and more radiant. There are also reports of improved absorption of active ingredients from serums and oils into the skin. The gentle massage of the facial muscles can also be expected to have relaxing effects.

1. preparation: rub the cleansed skin with an oil or moisturizing serum to reduce friction and allow the Gua Sha stone to glide gently over the skin without causing injury. For a pleasant cooling effect, the Gua Sha stone can also be stored in the refrigerator before use.

2. technique:
a. The Gua Sha stone is held at an angle of about 15 degrees to the skin.
b. With gentle pressure, the stone is pushed 3-5 times over the skin from the center of the face or the side of the eyes to the ears.
c. The flatter end of the Gua Sha stone is suitable for the cheek and forehead area, the notched end is suitable for the chin and jaw area.

3. cleaning: clean the Gua Sha stone after use with a mild soap to remove residues of oils and serums.

4. frequency: to see long-term benefits, it is recommended to use the Gua Sha stone several times a week for 5-10 minutes.

5. effect: after application, the skin may appear slightly reddened, which is caused by improved circulation and is a desirable effect.